In 1920, Alfred De Brauwer set the beacons for the - today still - flourishing pig trade. For 30 years he collected the pigs he had purchased in the region at the railway station of Tielt to trade these in Brussels. In 1957, Alfred bought, together with his 3 children, the slaughterhouse on the Hoogserlei at Tielt. From that day on, all pigs were slaughtered at Tielt (approximately 500 a week).

In 1971, Julien De Brauwer took over the company from his father and founded the Fv. Julien De Brauwer en Zonen. Justice is done to this name when his two sons, Geert and Jacques, joined the company from 1974-75 on. Thanks to the modernisation of the abattoir, the company turnover increased to roughly 1,500 to 2,000 slaughtered pigs a week.

In 1983, Jacques De Brauwer, the youngest son of Julien de Brauwer, founded, together with his wife Nicole, the "Groep De Brauwer NV". Around the turn of the century, the company slaughtered some 9,000 pigs a week. In 2002, the capacity was still increased to 600 pigs per hour.

Meanwhile, Groep De Brauwer NV has more than 25 years of experience in the pig trade and the two children of Jacques and Nicole, Julie and Didier, also actively work in the company. In that way, the fourth generation joined the company, and this can only lead to still better results, higher qualities and a faster service.

The slogan of Groep De Brauwer NV “High Quality Meat from Belgium” IS and STAYS guaranteed, TODAY and also TOMORROW!